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Commercial Rating

Ready to Get Paid to Fly?

Achieving the Commercial Pilot Certificate is your ticket towards becoming a professional aviator.  This certificate allows you to fly day or night, carrying passengers, transport cargo, and even pursue a career in flight instructing, charter pilot, and opens the door to the airlines while getting compensated.  Your commercial pilot license will not allow you to become and airline pilot, but it will allow you to get paid while building your time in preparation for the mainlines.  

What should you know?

Eligibility Requirements:

  • FAA Private Pilot’s License 

  • FAA Medical Certificate

  • Speak and understand English

Overview Summary

During your Commercial Training, you will complete the following steps:

  • Minimum 250 flight hours

  • 10 hours of complex or TAA

  • Pass FAA Written Test

  • Pass Check ride


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