Ever wanted to take a lesson on flying but not sure if it is for you? Come take a Discovery Flight with us and learn what it takes to fly!

Now offering Three Discovery Flight packages starting at $99-$289. 

*Includes a Pre-flight briefing, Aircraft Inspection, and 30-minute flight with our Certified Flight Instructors (CFI).




Victory Lane’s most economical aviation experience a first hand look in the world of aviation and is accessible to almost anyone who dreams to see the world from the front of an aircraft. With and record low rate of $99, the introductory gives anyone with an interest in aviation, first had experience what it is really like to be in an aircraft and feel the controls during two cycles in the airport traffic pattern. This is perfect for a brief adventure that could lead towards a stepping stone for budding young aviator as well as anyone has never flown.

Package rate: $99 Flight time approximately: 0.5 hr Total duration approximately: 1.5 hr


Victory Lane’s Top selling flight. Beginning in the flight training-room, one of our Certified Flight Instructors will take you through the wide world of aviation showing you things like how an airplane functions, a hands-on approach on how to fly a plane. With a huge savings of over $65 standard flight, you not only experience the thrill of take off, landing, and soaring in the sky, you will see the beauty of nature from a bird’s eye. Who knows, you may realize that you knew more about being a pilot than you thought.

Package rate: $149 Flight time approximately: 1.0 hr Total duration approximately: 1-2 hr 

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The Adventure Discovery Flight is just that, the reason we fly, to explore and travel – effortlessly by air. Discover what it is like to go somewhere without being bound by roads. This flight gives the full aspects of flying. You will learn what a student experiences on their first flight lesson, soar over beautiful rolling hills and treetops, while controlling the aircraft.

Package rate: $289 Flight time approximately: 1.5 hr Total duration approximately: 2-2.5 hr 

*Some restrictions do apply.  Please contact us for more details at 704-784-0297 or



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